Map 04 – Topography

Shows areas destinated to mountains, hills, flat and sea.
Topography is defined by simple parameters:

Topography, Themes and Densities

Mountain = two sim corners above 100 mt height (like AM and NFS)
Hill = max eight under 99 mt height (that is a bit more than half of AM’s height)
Flat = max 40 mt (have in mind that in SL sea level is at +20 mt)
Sea = 4 corners at 20 mt, at least 40% of total surface is effectively sea. No height restrictions.


Shows the way our three sims can expand their territory in a CLUSTER.
AM will divide CN from NFS even in future expansion. In this map CLUSTER 4 is identified with Mediterranean Theme (which includes Arria Perreault’s proposal of Nea Chora)


This is a draft proposal for RESIDENTIAL densities, which means number of new citizens (but does NOT mean number of visitors or active population). Residential densities have to match with strategic plans. Here the average population estimated would be:

ROMAN CLUSTER = about 280 citizens
MITTELEUROPA = about 240

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