General Master Plan Implementation and Maintenance Act

By Cindy Ecksol and Jamie Palisades

I. The Guild is hereby authorized to create a General Master Plan that will be used by the RA to guide the development of all CDS sims. The GMP will encompass the following principles:

The current Regional Masterplan includes three themes: Colonia Nova, Alpine Meadow and Neufreistadt. The GMP will include a grid that defines where additional sims in these clusters will be added and allow new clusters of themed sims to be added over time. Themed Cluster Sims can be developed either by the Guild or by private developers subject to the Private Sim Development Act


These serve to join the Themed Clusters and provide transition. Connection Clusters will be reserved for Guild development. Most will be void sims.


The GMP will show areas destined to be mountains, hills, flat and sea. All sim implementations will be in compliance with the topography specified by the GMP unless a variation is approved by the Guild.


The GMP will define the Main Infraestructures that guarantee ground or sea communication between sims. Main Infraestructures are mandatory. They are designed by the Guild or subject to Guild approval.


The GMP will define a Residential Density for each sim. Density will be designated as “high” (over 40 residential plots), “medium” (20 to 39 residential plots) or “low” (up to 19 residential plots). Void sims will have no specific density parameters.

II. The GMP will be reviewed by the Guild with input from citizens, updated, and submitted to the RA for approval every third term beginning with an initial plan to be submitted in June, 2008.

Each review will include:

A. A survey of residents to determine their current interests and expectations.
B. Posting of a draft GMP for a ten day comment period.
C. Presentation to the RA by the Guild of a final GMP incorporating citizen comments.

III. In the interim between GMP reviews, the Guild will keep the GMP current by adding details of any new sims or changes in existing sims.

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