Map 00 – Neighbours

And yes, we are not alone… neither are we free to expand anywhere.

And yes, this is exactly the map you see in your “Map” menu.
I suggest that you have a look at it and visit neighbour sims from time to time.

Some sims seem to be abandoned or unaccessible (Rivet Town). Others are usually very crowded (Apollo).
We also have some interesting high level neighbours (Montana State University)

Map 03 – Cluster Expansions

This is the basic GMP idea, to expand our territory around in available sims with CLUSTERS of themed sims.

We therefore have to complete our three current clusters (Colonia Nova, Alpine Meadow, and Neufreistadt), and we can start discussing about three new cluster themes.

RA decides new cluster themes (evaluating proposals of citizens and strategic choices) and decides if a whole cluster or just a number of sims within it have to be developed privately (respecting of course GMP parameters)

Theme clusters are joined by CONNECTION clusters, which are reserved to Guild development.

Expansion in Clusters

Map 05 – Infrastructures

They guarantee ground or sea communication between sims.

This map shows the main infrastructures. Each sim develops a more detailed secondary infrastructure plan.

Main infrastructures are mandatory, and designed by Guild or subject to Guild approval.

The proposal in this GMP map matches either with topographicor historical issues. (ie. the “square” road grid of Roman theme, the mountain ways, the harbours at sea borders or in islands).